Discover Scuba Diving


* 1 day

Scuba Diver Course


* 2 days

Open Water Diver Course

$360.00 + ow fee of $150.00 

Adventure Diver

$50.00 to 200.00

* 1-2 days

Advanced Open Water Diver


* 1-2 days

Try diving for the first time in a controled environment with our friendly and knowlegable staff in a heated pool. A short questionaire and briefing followed by a short in-pool introduction and you are diving for the first time. 

A step below the open water class, this class allows you to dive but you must always be under the supervision of a Padi professional.

Emergency First Response


* 1 day

Rescue Diver Course


* 3-4 days

Become an Emergency first responder and be ready for just about any emergency whether diving, at work, or even at home.  Learn how to use an AED, care for children and more.

This is a challenging course but fun at the same time.  Work through emergency senerio's that you will practice in the pool and open water. You will be a more confident diver, ready to care for youself as well as other divers. 

This is 4 weeks of class and pool nights followed by a weekend of openwater dives to get you certified.  We teach PADI courses so you will be ready anywhere in the world. All gear is provided except a scuba quality mask. We also provide private and fast track classes for additional fees.

Divemaster Course


3 to 12 months

At this level you will become a professional member of PADI. At this level you may be invited to become staff or volunteer at Albany Scuba to work with one of 3 instructors, helping them teach open water classes and much more.

Become a master scuba diver! Choose your favorite 5 specialties plus a rescue diver certification and acheive the highest recreational certification. Or go pro and continue your way to divemaster and above.

Assistant Instructor Course

* at least 10 days

The first step to becoming an instructor starts here as part one of the instructor development course. Learn to teach the Padi system and help evaluate student learning. Talk to us for more details.

So you are openwater certified and want more?  Lets do some navigating, a deep dive and 3 other specialty dives that peak your interest. Complete the Adventures in diving knowledge reviews and let's go diving. 



1 pool session

This class is for younger kids who are fascinated with becoming a diver someday or looking for a fun water activity. We supervise them in the shallow end of the pool one on one with a staff member and teach them what it's all about.